Productive Ages = Productive Periods?

This Saturday really make me down in condition of unproductive.

Familiar with so much works: assignments from college, translation jobs, teaching English, writing the articles, attending meetings of student organization, etc., which habitually spent my week end to do that, motivate me to claim that today is the day of ‘confusion’. I don’t know what I should do.

Surfing on net? Bored.

Reading e-book? Wakakakakkk… I have no idea.

Writing blog? This is the 2nd one.

Hangout? I mind. I’m waiting for income which comes at 10th.

The TV programs are also failed in making me renascent (too much commercial advertisements).

Then, I ask to myself: Do productive ages have the same comprehension with productive periods?

I don’t think so. I have seen myself and I found that I am in twenties (it means that I’m in productive age), but today, I’m not in productive period. I don’t produce anything and I have no idea how to get a job (at least, for one week later).

My problem makes me rethink. This is not different with the jobless baccalaureates. How is miserable! We can also find that some of them have good GPA. So, what’s exactly cause of the jobless baccalaureates?

If we reflect the (great) population growth in Indonesia, we are able to consider Indonesia has no more working area for inexperienced baccalaureates. They may have high score in university, but in the real world, the score doesn’t really help them for getting job. They have to explore new skills in other place, especially skills which are related with their study. Getting experiences during study time is not difficult actually. There are a lot of companies which are ready to hire college students with the choice of work hours. The first thing that students should put up before apprentice in a company is motivation. Never think about the wages though. Wages can’t connect you with the wider opportunities, it just make you feel a little bit happier.

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