The Magnificence(s) on January

Like a Handiwork of ArtistDuring January 2011, I have experienced some moments which I was able to say, “It could be important parts of my life.” Here, in the beginning of February, I gonna share my occurrences which are going to appear as my edge that I can stand there and live as long as I can.

The first moment was at January 01, 2011. I was surprised with the news from my oldest sister that her pregnancy was fallen. I didn’t know how the policy from her doctor which said that her fetus was really in worst condition until she had to do curette. Was it really true or was it just ingenuity of her husband? I confessed, at the moment, her family was in trouble, even until now. Her husband was falling in love again with his old dearest, whereas my sister was pregnant her 2nd child. You could conclude that according to laws which organize the household in Indonesia: husband is not allowed to divorce his wife in condition of pregnancy. That’s why I said before that there was possibility: curette was his ingenuity. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the permission of doing curette was not from my sister (she was unconscious until the doctor had finished it). It came from her husband. What’s a pitty! In the day of New Year, we lost one candidate of our big family without clear explanation.

Then, second moment was at January 20, 2011. I came out as the 1st winner of four-way test essay contest by Rotary Club of Yogya Tugu. My pride stepped up as my name appeared on Kedaulatan Rakyat (KR) newspapers (January 31, 2011, page 21). Hehehe… Please don’t think that I’m arrogant. It was my first time that I was able to reach the top of peak. It was natural action, at least, in my sight.

The next moment was at January 26, 2011. I went to LIA YK for the last time as one of its student. I took my certificate and grade list as evidence that I have finished the 1st diploma there. I am still happy until now, because I closed 2010 with successfully presentation of my final assignment (Learning French Easily with Quantum Learning Method) and I have opened 2011 with being the 1st winner in English Essay Contest. That is really convincing me that 2011 is the year of masterpiece. And I should create other masterpieces to complete my life and to realize my smart resolution 2011.

And the last moment was at January 31, 2011. Yesterday, in the afternoon, after I read the news in KR, I got a call from my oldest sister which said that THE BABY IS STILL ALIVE!!! Yes, the SAME BABY is alive normally and healthily. It means that the curette didn’t influence the fetus. I don’t know how to explain, but I and my family believe it is a miracle from God. Even, four doctors came to check together the real existence of that baby (included the doctor which did curette to my sister). Unbelievable! You can ask your mother that doing curette means the womb will be cleaned. And it is impossible that a baby can still alive after doing curette. That’s really from God’s hand. Thank you, God… You’re really all powerful.

So, once more,,


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